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Mighty Fine Word-of-Mouth

Recently Ben McConnell (Church of the Customer) shared his perspective on the distinction between Word-of-Mouth (WOM) and Buzz. (It’s a good read.) His post rekindled some of my thoughts on Creationist WOM vs. Evolutionist WOM (video clip). The Creationist WOM marketing mindset is about making the marketing activity something to talk about as in attention-grabbing…

Welcome to McDonald’s, may WE take your order?

Steven Bigari, a McDonald’s franchisee, has dramatically increased the efficiency of his 12 McDonald’s by reducing its drive-through order time by 30 seconds to a little more than one-minute per transaction. (That’s well below the McDonald’s drive-through average order time of two-minutes thirty-six seconds.) Plus, this McDonald’s franchisee has increased the number of cars his…