John Moore speaks from the heart and has a genuine passion for sharing ideas.

With every presentation, John strives to leave attendees a little smarter and a lot more inspired to make things happen at work. He’s addressed audiences from Chicago to Copenhagen to Cape Town to Charlotte, bringing an excitement and sense of innovation to companies and conferences.

John’s presentations range from 30-minutes to 90-minutes and he travels from Greenville, SC. For fees and inquiries, contact Joel Gheesling at Keppler Speakers (703.516.4000).

Keynote Sample

Presentation Topics

How Epic Brands Love to Fight and Fight to Love

Brands placed atop the tallest pedestals offer one universal value: HOPE. These brands dream big and act bigger. They exist to right a wrong in the marketplace so that people can achieve their aspirations. In this presentation, John Moore, author and marketing strategist, shares stories of high-performing brands that are fighting monsters in the marketplace that restore hope in the lives of customers and employees. This presentation blends the balance of being inspirational, instructional and insightful.

Growing Bigger by Acting Smaller

As a former long-time Starbucks marketer, John Moore understands the drive and discipline it takes to become a high-growth brand. In this presentation, John breaks down the branding ideas and ideals that fueled the dramatic growth of the Starbucks business. He’ll explain the importance of small businesses needing to look bigger and conversely, big businesses needing to act smaller in order to achieve the “Grande Growth” that Starbucks and other like-minded businesses have experienced. Energetic and chock-full of actionable advice, this presentation is perfect for conferences that bring together businesses of all sizes.


Passion is a circular relationship. It drives customers to fall in love with brands and it drives brands to fall in love with customers. Drawing from the latest wonky academic research and a career of leading edge marketing expertise, John Moore reveals the three motivations for why people talk about companies and share their love for brands. Moore also gives businesses pinpoint advice for how to design brand stories that spark and sustain sales-driving word-of-mouth marketing. This presentation is based upon ideas, concepts and stories shared in the business book, THE PASSION CONVERSATION.

JOLT: Espresso Shots of Business Wisdom

Just like an espresso shot will add a jolt to your morning, John Moore, a former Starbucks and Whole Foods marketer, will jolt your business thinking. He’ll begin by upending how you view “branding” because, as he explains, the greatest brands never begin with the intention of being a great brand. He’ll continue by demystifying the innovation imperative by explaining how being visionary is not predicting the future, but rather, reacting to the present. Using examples of established brands and emerging brands, John’s timeless business advice shared in this presentation will help reinvigorate businesses to survive and grow in any economic climate.

Partial List of Past Speaking Events

SXSW (Austin, TX)
Food Technology Summit & Expo (Mexico City, MX)
New Balance (Tampa, FL)
National Sporting Goods Association (Austin, TX)
L’Oreal (Miami, FL)
National Restaurant Association (Atlanta, GA)
Vodafone (London, UK)
National Coffee Association (New Orleans, LA)
Novartis (Miami, FL)
Meeting Planners International (Vancouver, BC)
Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference (Atlanta, GA)
National Stuttering Association (Baltimore, MD)
Digital Marketing Symposium (New York, NY)

For fees and inquiries, contact Joel Gheesling at Keppler Speakers (703.516.4000).