Making the Common Uncommon


Remarkable businesses make the common uncommon.

For example, Starbucks has made the common cup of coffee uncommon. Whole Foods Market took the common grocery shopping experience and made it uncommon. Mini has made the common ‘compact’ car uncommon.

And now, Which Wich is attempting to make the common sandwich uncommon … and uncommonly good at that.

“Which Wich who? Which Wich what?,” you ask.


Which Wich Superior Sandwiches is who. And the following four aspects are making Which Wich remarkable:

Remarkable Aspect #1: Customer Engagement
10_categories_boxes_1Which Wich reduces labor costs and increases customer involvement by having customers be their own order-taker. To order a Which Wich sandwich, customers choose a brown paper bag from one of 10 categories (turkey, ham, beef, chicken, seafood, vegetarian, saladwich, classics, and breakfast).

The customer then chooses their bread, cheese, spread(s), and spices by marking their choices directly on the bag. Customers complete the order by writing their name on the bag.

Remarkable Aspect #2: Low-Tech | High-TouchZip_line
Ain’t nothing fancy about how a customer’s order is communicated to Which Wich sandwich makers. The cashier takes the brown paper bag, attaches it to a zip line, and zooms it along the sandwich assembly line. No computer printouts, no computer monitors … just ink on a brown paper bag. Once the sandwich is prepared, a Which Wich expeditor calls out the order to be picked up, “Turkey on Wheat for Wynter.”

Remarkable Aspect #3: Simplified Pricing
All Which Wich sandwiches cost $4.00. Extras like avocado, bacon, more meat, and jalapenos cost $0.75 cents each.

Remarkable Aspect #4: Personalization
Because your order has your name on it, Which Wich workers can more easily establish a rapport with customers. Not to mention, calling out your name for pick-up helps to solve for any sandwich stealing shenanigans that may occur during busy hours.

Despite the crowded sandwich sector which includes the likes of Subway, Quiznos, Blimpie, Potbelly, and Schlotzsky’s, Which Wich is managing not to get ‘sandwhiched’ (sorry, but you knew a pun was coming) in with these competitors and instead, they are finding ways to be remarkable.

Kudos to Which Wich for attempting to make the common sandwich uncommon.

[Blogger’s note … thanks to a tip from Al and Glenna Moore (my parents), I experienced Which Wich while in Dallas for the Thanksgiving holiday. Needless to say, I was very impressed with the concept.]

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