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John Moore takes his job seriously, himself lightly.

My serious business side is shaped from being a long-time marketing manager with Starbucks and later as director of national marketing with Whole Foods. Through my Brand Autopsy Marketing Practice, I consult with organizations that are driven as much by purpose as they are by profits.

I’m a frequent keynote speaker addressing audiences from Chicago to Copenhagen to Cape Town to Charlotte, bringing an excitement and sense of innovation to companies and conferences. The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur and Advertising Age have sought my expert opinion on marketing matters.

My business book library is extensive and it includes three books of my own. TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE (2006) is a business management book sharing insider lessons from Starbucks glory days. TOUGH LOVE (2010) is an offbeat business book that masquerades as a screenplay. THE PASSION CONVERSATION (2013) is a co-authored book showing how businesses can benefit from getting personal with customers.

My lighthearted side involves beer and music. I treat beer like others treat wine and my music collection goes deep into jazzy funk and funky jazz.

I live in Greenville, SC and thoroughly enjoy volunteering with the National Stuttering Association to help people embrace their disfluency and live an uncompromised life.

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Twitter: @BrandAutopsy
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