The Brand Autopsy Marketing Practice specializes in giving companies Second Opinions.


It’s a given that many marketing decisions come down to matters of judgment, and marketers can easily arrive at different solutions to the same marketing problems. Second Opinions serve as a precaution against improper, unnecessary, and or poorly designed marketing activities. As with the smartest medical doctors, sometimes even the smartest marketers can use a Second Opinion.


Our Second Opinions process is simple. We begin by having an in-depth conversation about your business. Probing questions will be asked to help us determine the severity of the marketing issues you are experiencing. Marketing strategies and activities will be reviewed. Plus, an analysis of major competitors will occur.

From this bank of knowledge and from our extensive marketing experience, we’ll assess the strategic relevance and tactical effectiveness of your marketing activities. This assessment is a detailed Second Opinions Report recommending marketing activities your business should stop doing, start doing, and continue doing in order to best achieve healthy growth.


Retailers, restaurants, conglomerates, non-profits, and technology startups have all benefited from Brand Autopsy’s marketing advice.

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