Pepsi Spice Tasting Notes


I’ve put my mouth where my blog is and sampled the limited-edition Pepsi Spice. Below are my tasting notes.


  • 20 FL OZ plastic bottle
  • $1.29
  • Purchased at 7-11

    Clean, peach-amber reddish-brown hue

    Crisp, sparkling sweet aroma with hints of ginger and cinnamon

    Initial burst of cola effervescence which gives way to a rush of ginger infused sugar sweetness. The flavor mellows in its medium body that is accented by slight cinnamon overtones. This cola closes with a lingering spicy ginger intensity finish.

    Pepsi Spice tastes less caramel sweet than regular Pepsi and because of its spiciness, its flavor is reminiscent of Coca-Cola Classic. I don’t taste Red #40 and that’s probably a good thing. I was hoping the taste would be more adventurous with stronger cinnamon and ginger flavors.

    There is not enough of an interesting flavor to make Pepsi Spice remarkable. Nice try, but Pepsi Spice only hints at having uniquely delicious taste appeal.