Run, Gun, and Have Fun — Whole Foods Market style


“Whole Foods is more like a fast-breaking basketball team. We’re driving down the court, but we don’t exactly know how the play is going to evolve.”John Mackey, Point Guard for WHOLE FOODS MARKET

Ya know … as a former bench player for Whole Foods Market, that’s probably the best way to describe the playing style of the company. Whole Foods fast break style is indeed frenetic, focused, and fabulous.

You can find more compelling candor from John Mackey, Whole Foods Market co-founder and CEO, in this liberated Texas Monthly interview (.doc). And when you read this interview, you’ll learn Mackey refuses to shop at Central Market, Whole Food’s biggest competitor in Texas.

Interesting. I wonder if he shops at Trader Joe’s ???

If not, he should. Trader Joe’s is positioning itself nicely to compete against the Whole Foods Market juggernaut.