Can a Brand be Built without a Large Budget?


This series revisits the basics of branding and marketing by answering questions marketers, entrepreneurs and small business owners face when growing their business. I hope this series provides you with knowledge to think smarter and a nudge to make stuff happen.

Can a Brand be Built without a Large Budget?


During its formative growth years from 1987 to 1997, Starbucks Coffee spent less than $10 million on advertising. The company was too busy fine-tuning vital business matters to spend money on advertising.

Scott Bedbury, former VP of Marketing at Starbucks in the mid-90s, once said, “Excessive marketing spending will only accelerate the demise of any poorly conceived company.”

Today, Starbucks is a global icon with over 28,000 locations around the world with revenue close to $23B. All that fine-tuning resulted in a greatly conceived company that’s built to last.


#01 | How Should a Brand be Defined?
#02 | What’s the Difference between Branding and Marketing?
#03 | Is there a Difference between a Company Name and a Brand Name?
#04 | Does every Brand need a Unique Selling Position?
#05 | Do Consumers Really Feel Emotional about Brands?
#06 | How should “Brand Personality” be Described?
#07 | Are Taglines Important? Why or Why Not?
#08 | Are Logos Important? Why or Why Not?
#09 | Can a Brand be Built without a Large Budget?