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Since the first post on December 15, 2003, we’ve covered lots of territory, we’ve covered lots of territory over the years … 200420052006200720082009201020112012. And now, 2013…

Let Go. Have Faith. Say Yes.

What happens when your life, both personal and professional, becomes too routine? That’s the question I’ve been facing for many months and I addressed it late last year when I decided to join Brains on Fire after eight-years of self-employment.

Finding Brand Love

Brands desperately want people to fall in love with them in hopes they become customers for life. However, brands may be approaching finding love from the wrong end of the love chain.

Making Disruption Personal

A disruption is always an interruption. It’s something that gets in our way preventing us from doing what we set out to do. That’s the negative take. But there’s a positive angle form which to view a disruption.


Since THE PASSION CONVERSATION has been published, we authors have been busy spreading the gospel at conferences and company get-togethers about how loving your customers can spark a long-lasting romance full of meaningful conversations. I continued to spread the word of mouth gospel with the help of some crackerjack bloggers asking me some thought-provoking questions

Thinker(s) in Residence

My friends at 800ceoread had us participate in their “Thinker in Residence” blog series. They asked us smart questions about business, marketing and business books. Lots of good stuff in these interviews, such as:

The passion conversation isn’t about getting people to talk about YOU, the brand. It’s about getting people to talk about themselves. Encourage others to talk about themselves, their lives, their hopes, and their dreams. Create platforms, online and offline, for the people you serve to share their own stories. Give them opportunities to talk and be willing to listen.”

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