Favorite Posts from 2009

Another year blogging has passed. And just like I did in… 20042005200620072008, below is a round-up of my favorite posts from the just completed year of 2009.

We began the year talking about the business wisdom shared in the movie. AMERICAN GANGSTER. Seriously. This movie about the rise of a drug lord in the early 70s can teach any businessperson lessons on the importance of mentorsproduct launch strategiesbrand dilutionleadership qualitiesbeing quiet in order to make noise… and, how winners can quit.

No year on the Brand Autopsy blog would be complete without sharing some HMOs (hot marketing opinions) on a company where I earned my marketing stripes. Yep, we’re talking about Starbucks. Sure, we shared some HMOs on VIA, 15th Ave. Coffee & Tea, and the Starbucks Gold Card. We also talked about how Starbucks has many more problems than just selling boring coffee.

The WOULD YOU MISS posting series continued by asking if you would miss ACE Hardware, Costco, or Denny’s if they would cease to exist. Reader comments are always great to hear whenever this series runs.

Talking business books has been a constant theme on the Brand Autopsy blog. We began the year sharing MONEY QUOTES from interesting biz books including: Myths of InnovationTaming the Search-and-Switch CustomerNotes on DirectingThe Designful CompanyLetters from Leaders… and, Exploiting Chaos.

2009 also saw the saw the return of MARKETING MASTERPIECE THEATRE with 7 new episodes of dramatic readings from influential business books.