What Role does Promotion Play in Effective Marketing?

Absolutely everything.

This series revisits the basics of branding and marketing by answering questions marketers, entrepreneurs and small business owners face when growing their business. I hope this series provides you with knowledge to think smarter and a nudge to make stuff happen.

What Role does Promotion Play in Effective Marketing?

Absolutely everything. For marketing to be effective, that is making the cash register ring, a business must promote its products and services.

Promotion isn’t limited to hard sell activities like widespread couponing, aggressive discounting, and over-the-top marketing stunts.

Promotion is any marketing activity that seeks to increase awareness & appreciation, make a customer emotional connection and sustain top-of-mind consideration. (Sound familiar? It should.)

A website is promotion. Maintaining a Facebook page is promotion. Customer service is promotion. Radio advertising is promotion. A brochure is a promotion. Discounting is promotion.

Absolutely every marketing activity a business does to increase awareness & appreciation, make an emotional customer connection, and sustain top-of-mind consideration is promotion. It’s best to make the most out of every promotion for a business to achieve success.


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