Talkable Brand | video series

Strategies and ideas to help you make your business worthy of word of mouth.

In 2012, the Brand Autopsy blog shared 41 videos that gave you knowledge and a nudge. Knowledge being interesting information about word of mouth marketing. The nudge being compelling motivation to make the information happen. The result, I hope, is helping you make brands more talkable.



#01 | Achievable
#02 | Believable
#03 | Bankable
#04 | Original
#05 | Practical
#06 | Paradoxical
#07 | Artful
#08 | Skillful
#09 | Informational
#10 | Comical
#11 | Loveable
#12 | Functional
#13 | Social
#14 | Emotional
#15 | Conversational
#16 | Relatable
#17 | Invisible
#18 | Visual
#19 | Conversable
#20 | Conditional
#21 | Measurable
#22 | Scalable
#23 | Cultural
#24 | Controversial
#25 | Recommendable
#26 | Natural
#27 | Remarkable
#28 | Vulnerable
#29 | Operational
#30 | Maintainable
#31 | Oral
#32 | Digestible
#33 | Physical
#34 | Touchable
#35 | Improvisational
#36 | Multidimensional
#37 | Meaningful
#38 | Accessible
#39 | Admirable
#40 | Affordable
#41 | Ignitable


Episode #1 | Talkable is Achievable

Episode #2 | Talkable is Believable

Learn believability is the bedrock of a truly talkable brand.

Episode #3 | Talkable is Bankable

Learn that marketers can absolutely bank on the fact when a brand is in the conversation then it will be under purchase consideration.

Episode #4 | Talkable is Original

Learn there is no recipe for originality. However, there is a way to encourage originality — it’s about being obvious about what you do, how you do it, and why you do it.

Episode #5 | Talkable is Practical

Learn when a marketing idea is more practical, it stands the chance to become perpetually talkable.

Episode #6 | Talkable is Paradoxical

Learn the most successful and sustainably word of mouth worthy businesses embrace the paradox of being both original and practical to become forever talkable.

Episode #7 | Talkable is Artful

Learn the marketer’s palette of talkable possibilities consists of three pathways: Produce Great Advertising, Design Great Experiences, and Deliver Great Customer Service.

Episode #8 | Talkable is Skillful

Learn there is a skillful science behind becoming a talkable brand.

Episode #9 | Talkable is Informational

Learn there are three stories a brand can tell to become more talkable.

Episode #10 | Talkable is Comical

Learn comical marketing messages can breakthrough advertising clutter and effectively break into the everyday conversations we have with our friends and friends of friends.

Episode #11 | Talkable is Loveable

Learn consumers will irrationally talk about brands they are in love with and learn how to determine if your brand is designed to be loveable.

Episode #12 | Talkable is Functional

Learn people engage in FUNCTIONAL conversations about brands to get information needed to make decisions and to better interpret the world around them.

Episode #13 | Talkable is Social

Learn people engage in SOCIAL conversations about brands to impress others, to express their uniqueness, and to increase their reputation.

Episode #14 | Talkable is Emotional

Learn people engage in EMOTIONAL conversations about brands because of love and admiration for some brands and worry and disgust for other brands.

Episode #15 | Talkable is Conversational

Learn talkable brands are talked about in two conversation channels, the offline channel and the online channel. The differences between these conversation channels are dramatic.

Episode #16 | Talkable is Relatable

Learn for word of mouth to happen, people must first listen and then people must talk. To get people to listen and hopefully talk, a brand must be relatable.

Episode #17 | Talkable is Invisible

Learn the best word of mouth marketing is invisible to human eye, but not the heart. When it happens, you can’t necessarily see it, but you can definitely feel it.

Episode #18 | Talkable is Visual

Learn word of mouth marketing isn’t always spoken, sometimes it’s visual.

Episode #19 | Talkable is Conversable

Learn talking and listening are the essential ingredients needed for conversability.

Episode #20 | Talkable is Conditional

Learn making word of mouth marketing happen is conditional upon giving people a reason or reasons to talk.

Episode #21 | Talkable is Measurable

Learn to go beyond measuring Likes and Tweets online to measuring how recommendable a brand truly is.

Episode #22 | Talkable is Scalable

Learn word of mouth is scalable. It can be long-lasting, on-going, never-ending, and an all day every day occurrence.

Episode #23 | Talkable is Cultural

Learn people, more than products, programs, and services, will create a talkable brand.

Episode #24 | Talkable is Controversial

Learn important guidelines for ensuring word of mouth marketing says 100% credible and 0% controversial.

Episode #25 | Talkable is Recommendable

Learn sales happen truer and faster when a brand is recommendable.

Episode #26 | Talkable is Natural

Learn about the “natural laws” that govern word of mouth marketing success. To understand these natural laws, we need to revisit basic physics

Episode #27 | Talkable is Remarkable

Learn the marketing adage of “Remarkable Things Get Remarked About.”

Episode #28 | Talkable is Vulnerable

Learn vulnerability is an overlooked and under-appreciated trait in marketing.

Episode #29 | Talkable is Operational

Learn truly talkable brands are operations-driven and not marketing-driven businesses.

Episode #30 | Talkable is Maintainable

Learn to sweat the small stuff to make the talkability of your brand maintainable.

Episode #31 | Talkable is Oral

In this episode, you will learn the oral conversation about brands dominates the digital conversation.


Episode #32 | Talkable is Digestible

In this episode, you will learn digestible marketing messages are simple, memorable, and personable.

Episode #33 | Talkable is Physical

In this episode, you will learn how and why physical conversations about brands trump digital ones.

Episode #34 | Talkable is Touchable

In this episode, you will learn the importance of getting “touchy-feely” when designing marketing activities.

Episode #35 | Talkable is Improvisational

In this episode, you will learn by going off script, a brand can become more talkable.

Episode #36 | Talkable is Multidimensional

In this episode, you will learn it’s no longer good enough to be one-dimensional in getting customers to talk about your business.

Episode #37 | Talkable is Meaningful

In this episode, you will learn the one irrefutable fact that makes word of mouth marketing meaningful.

Episode #38 | Talkable is Accessible

In this episode, you will learn the three decisions any brand of any size must make to become talkable.

Episode #39 | Talkable is Admirable

In this episode, you will learn admirable brands choose to create customer evangelists.

Episode #40 | Talkable is Affordable

In this episode, you will learn word of mouth isn’t free, but it is affordable.

Episode #41 | Talkable is Ignitable

In this episode, you will learn a marketing movement can happen when it’s ignited by the passion conversation.


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